Spa Director/Proprietor
Graziella Gaspari
Massage Therapist
Holistic Lifestyle Educator
MM#14677 * MM#14679


Available on the Beach or in Studio

Lighter massage strokes to relax, ease stress and restore well being.

25 minutes $70.00
50 minutes $130.00
80 minutes $180.00

A deeper massage incorporating neuromuscular and myofacial techniques. Excellent after a workout

25 minutes $70.00
50 minutes $130.00
80 minutes $180.00

Intended to address problematic areas of tension.

25 minutes $70.00
50 minutes $130.00
80 minutes $180.00

Ancient technique that focus on the feet, enhanced by an invigorated foot scrub. It will ease tired feet, relieve stress, and stimulate muscles and organs.

25 minutes $70.00 (excludes foot scrub)
50 minutes $130.00

Choose any type of massage and have a side be side, intimate experience with your loved one.

25 minutes $140.00
50 minutes $250.00
80 minutes $360.00

25 minutes $70.00
50 minutes $130.00
80 minutes $180.00

Foot massage / Reflexology 20 minutes $45.00
Head & scalp massage 20 minutes $45.00

Essential oils are nature’s living energy. The health – promoting benefits of Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils are revered for their restorative properties of the mind – body and spirit.  A personalized infusion of organic Jo-Joba oil and your choice of essential oil will be prepared for the massage, the remainder will be yours to take.

This massage is tailored to your individual needs by adding the vibrational healing power of essential oils:  cleansing, calming, stimulating, or soothing.

50 minutes $140
80 minutes $190

A deep cleansing, soothing and hydrating treatment for you skin. This exfoliation combines sea salts and organic essential oils, it concludes with a light moisturizing session.

45 minutes $100

We combine our aromatherapy treatments to create a sensory escape. The essential oil of your choice will be incorporated into a salt glow exfoliation followed by a 50 minute aromatherapy massage.

80 minutes $210

For this classic European facial we use the all natural Pevonia Botanical products.  Your face will be gently cleaned, exfoliated, deeply hydrated and a relaxing face and neck massage will conclude the treatment.

50 minutes $120.00

We enhance our Spa al Maré facial with the application of a dramatically cooling lift- off mask that combines the hydrating benefits of seaweed with revitalized propoli. Sun-soothing, nourishing, calming.     

75 minutes  $160

After your face has been cleaned and exfoliated, the therapist will apply a result driven mask in vitamin A,E and C. The mask is applied warm to allow the vitamins to penetrate your skin, then it cools to seal the rejuvenating benefits.

75 minutes $160

Perfect for sensitive mature skin, this facial combines tea healing properties of green tea, chamomile and liquorices to properly decongest and calm your skin for an even, healthy appearance

75 minutes $160

This effective treatment detoxifies and re- mineralizes dry, depleted skin. Your body is prepared with an exfoliation, then covered with warm micronized seaweed and gently wrapped in a warming cocoon. While you are relaxing the therapist will ease stress from your face while cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating your skin. Your treatment concludes with a light moisturizing session

l.5 hrs $240
add a 50 minute massage $340

Using Pevonia Botanical mineral salts, we begin with a mild exfoliation and follow by an 80 minute massage with Pevonia anti-stress unicro-emulsified massage oil. This treatment will erase tension, stress and fatigue and prepare you for a healthy sun-tan.

2 hrs $240

This refreshing body mask is just the prescription to calm sun burned or wind aggravated skin. The unique hydrating properties of water lily will help relieve redness, decrease burning sensation and skin temperature and moisturize.

25 minutes $80

Using Pevonia Botanical products we polish your skin with a salt exfoliation then hydrate and massage the tension out of your body for 50 minutes. A full Spa al Mare’ facial will complete your session making you feel and look radiant from head to toe

2 hours 15 minutes $280

Reserve your class the day before.
$ 20.00 private yoga class
50 minutes    $80



Spa Cancellation Policy:
Please notify the spa at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule.
Fifty percent of the value of the service will be charged for cancellations within 24 hours.
No-shows will be charged full price. SPA SERVICES EXT. 7785

Conveniently located at The Casa Marina Resort and Beach Club in Key West Florida.
A Luxury Hotel and Resort.

Key West Beach Massage
1500 Reynold St.
Key West, Fl 33040
Tel: 305-296-3535 Ext: 7785

20% gratuity will be added to all spa packages.

Prices Are Subject to Change

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